57-0000089-01 Brocade Duplex SFP+ 16GB 10km SMF 1310nm Transceiver

57-0000089-01 Overview

Brocade Transceiver is based on our 16GFC-SFP-10 product, which has the same parameters and is manufactured in accordance with the same industry standards as its OEM counterpart. Our compatible module version is designed for operation over a Double Fiber Single-Mode Fiber (SMF) optical cable. It has a minimum guaranteed optical budget of 7 dB, which typically is enough to reach about 10 km. However, distance is only an indicative parameter calculated for identification comfort.


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57-0000089-01 Technical Specifications

Brocade Duplex SFP+ 16GB 10km SMF 1310nm Transceiver

BROCADE 16gfc Fibre Channel Sfp+
Up-to 10 Km Over Smf 14.025gbps
1310nm Duplex Sfp+ Transceiver
0°c – 70°c Operating Case Temperature
Sff-8724 Digital Optical Monitoring
Hot-swappable For Sfp+ Fc Ports
Compliant With Sff-8431 & Sff-8432
BROCADE Is Rohs Compliant
Device Type: 16G FC SFP+
Max Data Rate: 16Gbps
Wavelength: 1310nm
Max Distance: 10km
Connector: Duplex LC
Cable Type: SMF
Operating Temperature Range: 0 to 70°C (32 to 158°F)
Receiver Overload: 0.5 dBm
Transmitter Type: DFB Laser
Receiver Type: PIN photodiode
Power: +3.3V single power supply
Chipset: Sumitomo

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